Heidi Rogers


I Do UpDo

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Dear Bride,

Congratulations! You're engaged! Your wedding day is going to be filled with so much love, laughter and possibly a little stress which is where we come in. I am an on location hairstylist and make up artist. My goal is not only to make you look and feel beautiful but to help you relax and feel stress free on your wedding day.

I am the owner of I Do Updo and a stay at home mom to a wild little boy born in 2015. I started I Do UpDo in 2011 when I styled a friends wedding and fell in love with the art of sculpting hair, along with how natural it felt. I met a good friend,who is a wedding planner, and she pushed me in the right direction to follow my dreams of starting this company! Fast forward to now and I wouldn't change a thing!

Now that you know a little more about what I do and how crazy in love with it I am I would love to hear from you and collaborate to make you even more beautiful than you already are on your wedding day!

Thank you,

Heidi Rogers